Welcome. You’ve reached 🐉 House Pendragon 🐉, a new kind of ䷀䷀ family office. ䷀䷀

🐲 Services

In addition to being

’ personal family office,
offers two services.

  1. Family-Offices-As-A-Service, in other words, we can help you set up and run your family office too!
  2. Governance-As-A-Service, in addition to running our own affairs and overseeing those of
    , we’ve established governance systems which you can apply at your organization.

🦚 Family-Offices-As-A-Service

is not only my family office, we can help you set up your
too. Because we want everyone to enjoy wealth and prosperity, yes, but more importantly, because we want everyone to clarify and pursue their purpose in life. You don’t need to be wealthy to write a
- anyone can do it. Be among the few that understand who they are, because they have looked death in the eyes. ☠️👀 Although life is short, each of us have an opportunity, every day, to shoot an arrow into time. 🏹 Let’s hit the mark! 🎯

👑 Governance-As-A-Service

Does your company have governance systems like these? Explore and inquire, if you’re interested in playing The Sovereignty Game.

💎 Values

What are our values, you ask? Well, we value what is valuable, according to its value, of course! That is why we’ve allied with House

to establish the


We don’t have a mission statement, but we do have a mission question, based on a simple observation: Doing away with feudalism has not done away with the class system, which seems to exist in some form in all societies, and under every regime. Which suggests the quest-ion: Why not bring nobility back, and restore its original sacred duties?

🏟 Pageantry

Wondering what’s up with all the

? Well, we like allusions as much as illusions! C’mon, lighten up a bit. Life is for living! So play its
, answer its
, and revel in the
. Looking for answers? I’d suggest a trip to
. Dress with
Rad Studios
for every occasion. Use your
, but beware! Inspiration strikes like

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